Meet Ali

Hi Pregnant and Praying Moms!

Well, a bit about me- I am a daughter of God and a mother of four ages 2, 4, 6 and 8. I work as a Certified Baby Planner and own Sweet Expectations Los Angeles.

What does that mean? I educate expecting parents on all aspects of preparing for a baby- from baby safety to birth plans to registry items.

I believe in planning during pregnancy by learning, organizing, and preparing your home for a new member of the family.

However, I know that praying for your baby, studying God’s Word, and preparing your heart as a parent are most important.

I love being pregnant, (most of the time), and I love being a mommy, (most of the time).

I make mistakes every day, but by the grace of God my family seems to still think I’m pretty great even when I feel like I have failed them.

My passion is for the unborn and the born.

My hope is to encourage you on this vast pregnancy and parenting journey and to let you know that you are never walking it alone.