A Giant Return

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

Proverbs 17:22

This is my favorite Tax Day EVER! Not because of a giant return of funds, (though I am very thankful for a good one), but for a giant return of HEALTH for our sweet Haven. At her follow-up appointment with the Pediatric Pulmonologist 1 week after she came home from the hospital, he gave us a plan with breathing treatments and quarantine to help her lungs to heal and keep her from catching any more illnesses. He told us that if we could make it to “Tax Day” without her getting sick again, it would be ideal, since it marks the end of RSV season in Los Angeles. April 15th has been in my sights since February, and by the grace of God, wonderful care for our daughter by doctors, and your many prayers, we have made it and she has not been sick once!

I wrote a lot about fear and the faith to get through it while in the hospital. The fear was a constant battle for me when we came home, too. I am a “germ-a-phobe” as it is, but suddenly I saw every person, place, and thing as a germy threat to my fragile baby. I spent a fortune on every form of sanitizer to keep in the house, diaper bag, car, and stroller. Grandparents flew in to stay for a while and then I hired babysitters to keep Haven from going anywhere for weeks. She has been limited to only “fresh air” activities since we began to take her out at all, (thank goodness for SoCal weather!), and no visitors have come through our door for playdates. Her brothers and sister even had a horrible “no going near Haven” rule in effect. These extreme measures were ordered by her doctors and we did not hesitate to follow them.

I have learned a lot in this season about what it means to seek wise counsel and follow it, and then joyfully rest in the care of the Lord. When my son had a nasty cold, my first reaction was panic- but as the Proverb says, a crushed spirit would dry up my bones. Giving in to fear would keep me from the joy of my baby’s healing and homecoming. I had to keep a cheerful heart and not forget what the Lord had brought us through- for it was good medicine.

Experiencing hardships also teaches us so much about contentment. When Haven was initially diagnosed with Hypotonia, I was very upset and worried about her reaching her milestones. After almost losing her, I am so happy she’s alive that I am not concerned with when she will crawl; nor do I feel overwhelmed with physical, occupational, and developmental therapy appointments 3 days a week. I faced the “what could have been” which makes the “what is” so much sweeter.

My prayer for all who read this is that what you have endured will cause you look behind you at how the Lord has helped you to prevail, and that recounting His goodness will strengthen your faith and give you joy in today’s challenges. Perspective is so powerful.

So on this Tax Day, we’re partying! God is faithful. His promises never return void.


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