The Power of Weakness

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”

Isaiah 40:29

I’ve often heard moms say that motherhood is like having your heart walk around outside of your body. Quite honestly, I think that is a bit cheesy, but this past month it kind of sums up exactly how I have felt about my baby girl. In December, a common cold developed into acute bronchiolitis and pneumonia and she was in the hospital for four days. Carrying her into the hospital as she threw up and went limp on my shoulder trying to breathe through her aching airways and then watching her pain as she was poked with needles was physically painful for me. Thankfully, she healed and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season with her family.

Tuesday though, she was admitted into the PICU again- this time with RSV. Walking back through those doors with my very sick baby almost overcame me. “How could this be happening again? We have been more careful than ever before about germs. God, we pray for her health daily?”

As I watched the oxygen, breathing treatments, and fluids flow into my baby and saw her seem to get weaker, my mind was screaming, “why are these things not helping her?!” Another day went by where she got worse. I sobbed and cried out to the Lord asking why He was not healing my sweet baby.

The Holy Spirit instructed me that, just as the fluids, oxygen and medications seemed to not be doing their jobs, they were. I just couldn’t see it; and the same was true with God. He WAS healing her and was there with her. I just couldn’t see His breath flowing into her lungs and His life pouring into her veins.

It was then that I surrendered, gave her fully into His care, and when she awoke from a nap on my vomit and tear stained chest, this baby…


…gave way to this one.


Due to her hypotonia, Haven is in developmental, physical, and occupational therapies. Her teacher told me in December that she needed to be doing “nursery tricks” by now. Doing what???¬†”Blowing kisses, playing peekaboo, song hand motion mimics, something like that,” she explained.

Well, right after the above picture was taken, my sick and lethargic baby made an “itsy bitsy spider climb up the water spout” with her fingers while I sang to her. I’ve never been so excited to see a spider in all my life!

The next day while still in the hospital, she pushed up higher than ever before. After 5 days of vomiting every feed, she showed her greatest strength.


But that’s God.

That’s what He wants to do with us when we are emptied- fill us with His strength as a testimony of what faith can do.

I am happy to report that we are snuggled up at home now. Will you continue to pray for our Haven Elizabeth? Her name means “sanctuary consecrated to God” and we want to see her little body strong and healthy to live a life for the Lord.

May your weariness  lead you to more reliance on the One who will give you power.

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