What is Life Worth?

“See how the precious children of Jerusalem, worth their weight in fine gold, are now treated like pots of clay made by a common potter.” Lamentations 4:2

My heart has always been heavy for the unborn and for the mothers who choose to abort them. I find myself in tears every time that the issue is brought back into the public forum for debate. To me, the topic of abortion is not about politics, religion, or rights. It is about worth.

As a society, we are constantly sizing up each other’s worth- whether in beauty, wealth, talent, or intellect. It drives how we see and treat people and creates a culture that thrives on titles, possessions, and appearances. This week as I prayed continuously about how to effectively advocate for the tiniest of babies, I realized a great factor in why abortion is still happening even with ultrasounds showing us beating hearts and wiggling arms and legs- it comes down to worth.

You see, for the baby who is unplanned and will seemingly be a great burden, embarrassment, and inconvenience, he or she is worth little- so little that it seems worthwhile to the mother to abort.

But what about the mother who just had her third miscarriage and lost another baby she was desperate to hold? That child was worth more than any possession or dream. A monetary value couldn’t be placed on that little life as the mother weeps while she bleeds and feels a part of her slipping away beyond her control.

And the couple who can’t conceive without medical assistance? Using their life savings for IVF is not even a second thought when the plus sign appears on the pregnancy test. That baby is worth every penny; every sacrifice.

So why do we allow circumstances to change the value and worth of life? And yes- we know that “it” is life. When there are body parts being distributed, there is no longer an argument that can stand.

It begins with the mother and her feeling of worth. Oh, if only the woman who is terrified and overwhelmed knew how much her Father in heaven loves and treasures her. Even when everyone around her calls her worthless- if she had the assurance of her Creator, she would not only stand firm in her worth, but also her baby’s.

The path to life in every way is in Jesus Christ. His love and sacrifice allow us to move past our sins and into the loving arms of God. Because of Jesus, the Lord’s view of our worth does not change according to our circumstances. We are created in His image and worth more than we can comprehend. We are all sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.

So as believers, we need to pray for those in desperate situations to realize their worth and their babies’.

As Christ’s hands and feet we need to value others.

As mothers, we need to intercede for the unborn and do all we can to come alongside those who choose life and need help.

As those who have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, we need to have mercy on the mothers who have had abortions and show them the healing that can only be found in Christ.

Is choosing life worth the cost of losing a reputation, job, relationship, or worse? I can assure you that whatever is taken away, the Lord will replace with joy and peace that is worth far more than anything that this world can give.

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