Sabbath Thanksgiving

“Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name.” Psalm 100:4

For Thanksgiving this year, my family did something very unlike us- we rested. We said “no” to the lovely invites to celebrate with large parties and we stayed home to give thanks as just the 5 (and 1/2!) of us.

Now, I know I will remember Thanksgiving 2014  only as it is presented in this picture- smiling faces gathered around a set table:


And that’s okay- most grandparents tell stories about how well-behaved we all were as children and my theory is that they have just blocked out all of the tantrums. But I digress…

The day had its fair share of fighting over who got to hold the mixer, color the placemats, and have the first piece of peanut butter pie. It wasn’t perfect- but then again it kind of was. The fussing, the cooking, the eating and refusing to eat- it was done in our home on a day that we set apart for time together.

Of all of the commandments, I find keeping the Sabbath the most difficult. There is always so much to do and with 5 competing schedules, finding time to rest together can seem like work. However, on our Sabbath Thanksgiving when we firmly committed to keeping the day small and quiet, (or quiet for 3 kids under 6 anyway), I realized why it is so important to the Lord.

I felt closer to Him, to my family, and to my baby in my womb by slowing down. I felt thankful. Our dinner was small and the decorations home made, but the simplicity was what brought tears to my eyes as I looked around the table at the messy mouths, the pilgrim hats, and the spilled macaroni.

My daughter said she was thankful for God and her family.

And I am too.

As we go into this busy holiday season, may we take time to rest in Him, to enjoy the simple joys with our families, and to enter into His courts with Thanksgiving.

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