Summer Travel With Your Baby

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I am preparing a  Traveling with Baby class for expecting baby planner clients. As I was adding to my handouts and going over my notes, I had to laugh as I thought back to my worst flying experience with young children, (worst out of MANY!).

I have flown 7-months-pregnant with a squirmy lap child and toddler when the air-conditioning went out, with newborn blowouts that had to be changed next to grumpy business men, and with a baby who, (it turns out), had a double ear infection and screamed non-stop for 4 1/2 hours.

I have stood up to apologize for the noise, begged for help lugging car seats, and cried to ticketing agents over cancelled flights. It’s not easy- I won’t lie. But I digress-back to WORST flying experience I have had followed by how you can be prepared for your summer travel.

 As my husband got up to use the restroom on a flight, I congratulated myself on a successful red-eye with two little ones as I gazed at my sleeping children. As soon as the thought went through my head, though, my daughter sat up, gave a little whimper and then threw up all over herself, the seat, and me. I literally froze in panic and just started saying over and over, “Will? Come back. Please come back!” As horrible as it was, I happened to be prepared with a full pack of baby wipes, plastic bags for trash, and a clean pair of pj’s. We landed to see the grandparents fresh and fairly happy! (That is until the virus spread to all 8 members of the extended family, but that’s another story…)

 All we can do when traveling with children is be prepared, pray for the best, and not panic when vomit, dirty diapers, and tantrums happen.

 If you are flying this summer with a baby, here are some tips:


  • When flying with an infant in arms, you can check your car seat for no charge with baggage or at the gate. The same is true of your stroller. When going through security, know that you will have to fold your stroller and place it on the belt. With a young baby, it is often easier to check the car seat and stroller with baggage, and just bring him or her in a sling or baby carrier through the airport.
  •   If for some reason, the car seat gets lost, don’t worry- every airport has infant and toddler size for you to use until yours is found.
  •  Always pack more diapers and wipes than you think necessary. Flight delays or cancellations could find you needing more than expected.
  •  Bring at least 2 extra outfits for Baby in your carry-on bag. It doesn’t hurt to bring an extra shirt for yourself, (read vomit story above…).
  •  Milk and mixed formula will have to be tested when going through security if over 3oz., but in a non-evasive way and with you watching, so it is sterile.
  •  To protect Baby’s ears, nurse or bottle-feed during take-off and landing. The sucking helps to keep the ears from stopping up, (and your baby from wailing!).
  •  I love Babyganics All-Surface Wipes for trips. Use them to wipe down the seat belt, arm rests, and tray on the plane to fend off germs.
  •  Babyganics also has a travel size dish soap that is great for bringing to hotels or relatives’ houses to wash bottles, breast pump parts, and pacifiers.
  •  I know it feels terrible to be “the one with the crying baby” on a plane, but it happens. Focus on your baby and trying to sooth him.
  •  Don’t panic! You know what to do.

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