Faith Journey in Motherhood

Happy Mother’s Day! Whether your are expecting a baby, a mother-in-action, or praying for a child of your own, I hope your day has been blessed and beautiful.

Today I was honored to share my testimony of faith throughout my 6 years of motherhood, and wanted to document it here, as well. My journey has been filled with heartache and joy, struggles and ease; and the Lord has been with me and molding me all the way.

2008 is when it all began. I had never met the housekeeper at my husband’s office, but she was a believer and dreamed that I was pregnant with a daughter. She told my husband that she knew the dream was from the Lord and that she was to tell him. Seeing as I was not pregnant, it was quite a shock! However, exactly 40 days later, I was staring at a positive pregnancy test and we just knew we were having a girl.

Whether through naivety, child-like faith, or a little of both, I had no doubt that my pregnancy and baby girl would be healthy- and both were. My daughter was born at Christmastime in 2008 and we gave her the middle name of Faith.


While pregnant, I felt like I protected her perfectly, especially since I always had her with me. Once she was born the panic rushed over me and I even had nightmares of bad things happening to her. My husband and I became the definition of helicopter parents. Anyone who walked through our door was immediately sanitized, questioned about past illnesses, and stood over while holding our baby!

The fear was crippling and I had to surrender control to the Lord. That was a big step in my faith journey.

My husband’s job was later cut to part time and finances got tight. It was during that time that I was visiting my parents and discovered I was pregnant. I tearfully called my husband- and thank God for him. He told me that the pregnancy was good news, were were blessed by God, and to only cry tears of joy. My heart immediately changed and we dreamed together of our family of four.

One month later, our baby was gone and we were left with broken hearts and a lot of questions for God. I had to take another step of faith in realizing that no matter what, God is always good. He was my comfort and our little lost baby’s.

The Lord blessed us with our first son shortly after our loss and my strengthened faith allowed me to trust that all would go well with the pregnancy- which it did. After he was born, I felt called to earn my Baby Planner certification and to put my faith into how God would equip me to speak into the lives of other parents.


Just after our son’s first birthday, I went to the doctor in fear that I had appendicitis.


“For what? For that…”

The faith steps God had led me on already allowed my to see the sovereignty of this pregnancy and know that He was in control and would provide for our every need. As the world shouted at us that we were irresponsible and would be burdened, the Lord reminded us that we were blessed and highly favored.

Bonus Baby, (as I lovingly refer to my second son), is a living, breathing testimony of my faith and of my God’s faithfulness.


The daily pressures of taking care of three young children has led to my faith that the Lord will grant me the competency I need to do all that I should for these blessings He has given me, (and that I can make it through some days without loosing it!).

He is all you and I need to journey through motherhood and “being confident in this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6.

May you have a blessed and wonderful Mother’s Day!

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