Taking a Disney Cruise with an Infant- II


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This is a continuation of the previous blog post on sailing with an infant. If you are considering a Disney Cruise- it is wonderful! If you are already booked- congrats! It is so much fun and a great balance for young families.


We sailed on the Disney Magic 4-night Bahamas itinerary which docked in Nassau and Castaway Cay. The It’s A Small World Nursery was open while at port! In the Bahamas, your Wave Phone will not work off of the ship, so you would have to keep your cell phone on for emergency contact, (and without an international plan your would be roaming with charges). Keep that in mind with your comfort level leaving your baby on board. My husband and I did check in our baby to have a date at Atlantis, but my father stayed on the ship with the Wave Phone as an emergency contact.

If you want to experience Nassau as a family, I suggest booking a shore excursion through the ship. The ferry boats and taxis available were not ideal for children. There is shopping right outside of the cruise terminal where you could easily stroll your baby. There is a beach in walking distance, but with the lack of sidewalks, it could be iffy with a stroller…

In Castaway Cay, your Wave Phone works all over the island! So you could easily spend some time as a family together and then drop your baby off in the nursery for a bit to relax on the island, ride bikes, or hit the water slide!

Getting on and off the ship is very simple. Adults need photo i.d. and a Key to the World Card, babies need only a Key to the World card. I suggest having your lightweight stroller or Snap-N-Go to roam around ports. (Our baby napped in his in the shade on Castaway Cay). If you want to use just a baby carrier, be aware of how much sun your baby is getting being so exposed.

Castaway Cay had plenty of shady areas and chairs with umbrellas. My little guy loved sitting in the shaded sand playing with sand toys. Unless you want to pay top dollar for them on the island, bring your own! I packed a few and was so glad I did.

-There are also low beach chairs that are nice to take down to the water, and complimentary infant life vests are available to use for the day, which made playing in the water together even easier.

-Towels are also free to use.

-High chairs are available at lunch on the island.

-There are restrooms with changing tables, too.

-Characters even come out during the day to greet the children and have dance parties. It is amazing!

Castaway Cay is so perfectly equipped!

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To pack for port for Baby:


Swim Diapers


Food/Milk/Formula, if needed (lunch is served on Castaway Cay if your baby eats solids)

Change of clothes

Key to the World Card

Sand Toys


Feel free to leave questions in the comment section for me to answer and check back for more information to come!

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Relax! Castaway Cay makes for the perfect family day!

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