The Holiness and Humbleness of Christmas

My husband and I have a Christmas Eve tradition of watching “The Nativity Story” after the children are asleep. Seeing Mary and Joseph journey to Bethlehem and bring the Messiah into the world is such a powerful reminder of what we are really celebrating this season. As a mother, it is so moving to imagine what Mary must have experienced, and as wife to ponder the selfless love Joseph showed for his betrothed, (and his God).

As I put myself in Mary’s sandals for a moment, I feel I would have expected certain aspects of the pregnancy to go smoothly- or at least to have a clean bed in which to deliver the Son of God.

In my own life, if I had arrived at the hospital and been told to have my baby in the parking lot due to a full house, I certainly would have questioned God’s plan and His care for me and my child. Yet, the Mother of Jesus gave birth on the ground with manure, dirty animals, and straw soaked in urine and that WAS the plan. Mary and Joseph were highly favored with an incredible call on their lives, but neat and easy was not the way their lives were ordered.

Divinity was humbled on that holy night.

I often liken things arranged by God to those that work out easily. Looking at the birth of Jesus turns that on it’s head.

Whatever you are struggling with this Christmas, take heart. Perhaps the messiness of it all will give way to the blessings the Lord has for you and your family. Pray for God’s continued protection as He takes you along your own journey and chisels you into His image.

One thing that my children have taught me this year is how amazing Christmas is to them in the little things. Looking at lights, baking cookies, and reading stories about Baby Jesus make them so happy. Lavish gifts aren’t even a consideration in their innocent minds because they understand what many adults have forgotten- to be given even the smallest present is exciting and spending time together is most important.

I say all of this to remind you that the greatest gift you can give your baby is love. Jesus was born in a stable and swaddled in a filthy blanket. God chose a mother and father for Him who certainly didn’t have the latest baby gear and finest furniture. However, He was welcomed into the world by parents who adored Him, scared and unsure as they were. Receive God’s gift of love for you today and let it overflow in adoration for Him and for your baby.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


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