Baby Dedication

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I consecrated you. I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

Deacon Dedication 001

Last Sunday was very special for our family. We publicly dedicated Bonus Baby to the Lord at our wonderful church. I dressed him the same smocked jumper that his big brother wore; complete with a bonnet that I know they will one day both scold me for placing on their soft heads and tying in a bow around their chubby chins. The purity of the look, and of the age, and of the event is so special- and so important.

 deacib bonnet

As a we stood before the congregation as a family, our pastor agreed with us that our child would be raised in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. He prayed for wisdom for us as parents, (while my two-year-old son drove a car through my hair and made “vroom-vroom” sounds). The church promised to offer support to our family and guidance when we seek it. What a beautiful day it was.

Though we did not “officially” dedicate our baby until he was 7-months-old, we did in prayer from the moment we knew he was being formed in my womb. He is not ours- he is God’s and that is the way I want it. As hard as I try to be a great mother, I fall short. And every time, my Heavenly Father is there to protect and love my family, (and me).

As a Certified Baby Planner and a Wanna-Be Super Mom, I try my best to be great at this mommy job, but I have no shame in admitting that I can’t do it without the God who knew my babies before I did.

Surrender. Dedicate. Trust. Love.

 deacon dedication crop prayer

3 Responses to Baby Dedication

  1. Jacki Cozad says:

    WOW, beautiful post Ali!!! You and your family are very special. So glad that you chose The Shepherd’s House as your home church!!

  2. Joanie Zwerling says:

    Deacon is a blessing to your family and to our larger church family. We are thankful for the North Clecklers!

  3. Paula Cleckler says:

    What a lovely message and a special day. A beautiful family is certainly a blessing from God; teaching children the word of God and to live within His will through the example you set in your life is truly a gift that cannot be equaled.

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