The American Baby Dream

As a mother of three and a Certified Baby Planner, babies are my dream, my life, and my career. Statistics show that many parents are choosing to limit their family size even when their dream may be for more children.

There is a common misconception in America that babies should only be born into homes with big yards, dual incomes, and large savings accounts. While these luxuries are certainly nice, they are just that- luxuries. So when a mother without such advantages is staring at a positive pregnancy test, what should be her reaction? New life should be celebrated- no matter what the circumstances.

Though I have the opportunity to work with many couples who are able to buy top-of-the-line baby products, hire domestic help, and send their children to wonderful classes and schools, I also volunteer at Westside Pregnancy Clinic where I teach classes on preparing for a baby to parents in unplanned and crisis pregnancies. What I have noticed is that, while the parents who “have it all together”, (according to the American Dream), may have a more delighted initial reaction to the news of pregnancy, by the third trimester expectant parents in all economic categories are excited about meeting their newborns and are eager to do everything they can to prepare for them.

Sure, those unmarried, out of work, and lacking health insurance may not be seeking my assistance on buying a stroller that cost the price of a car, but at the end of the day, that is not the main concern of the affluent, either. When the due date draws near, education on how to best care for a newborn and questions about how to be a loving and devoted parent are what matter most.

We need to focus on keeping our families united and on embracing the tiniest of blessings. If you find yourself in an unexpected pregnancy, rejoice through your fear. I have never met a mother holding her newborn who says she wishes she had never had him.

My challenge for all women is to reach out to expecting and new parents with support- even if it is simply by bringing over a home- cooked meal. As moms, we share a common dream to provide the best future possible for our children- so let’s do so together. 

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