Royal Heirs

So, in case you haven’t heard… the royal baby was born last week! I am a bit of a “royal geek” myself enjoying the stories of the British monarchy back to the Tudor era. Combining that with being a Certified Baby Planner, I have been like a lady in waiting for the birth of this heir!

I am trilled that Kate and Wills, (yes I refer to them like they are friends), welcomed a healthy baby boy in such a seemingly “normal” fashion. Kate looked radiant but still had a bit of a bump, and Wills installed the infant seat  and drove the youngest royal  home himself.

However, we all know that this baby’s birth was treated far differently than most by the media and by the world. From the moment that Kate’s pregnancy was announced, the child in her womb was referred to as a “royal heir.”

Not a lump of tissue.

Not a fetus.

Not a “maybe.”

No one argued over whether she should “keep it” or if “it” would be a burden to “it’s” parents or society.

Nor should they have.

Sure, this baby already had a calling on his life from the moment he was conceived. But so does your baby.

This baby is of royal blood. But so is your baby.

“Now if we are children, then we are heirs- heirs of God and co-heirs of Christ.” Romans 8:17

We are children of the One TRUE King.

I am thankful to the Lord for HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. For the day he was born, crowds cheered, cannons blasted, and the world agreed that the birth of a baby is cause for celebration.

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