Your Hair Falls Out- and Other Things They Forgot to Tell You…


The other day, a random stranger said “nice hair” as he walked passed me. While giving me a hug, my husband gasped, “Wow, your ponytail feels like a horse’s mane!”  Thanks, I think? Before I could neigh, though, clumps began to fall out with ever y shampoo, brush, and style. My son just turned 4 months, which seems to be the magic age for Mommy’s hair loss. Why does this happen?

Well, the average woman sheds about 100 hairs a day. During pregnancy, however, increased levels of estrogen cause the hair to stay in the resting phase and not fall out as often. After giving birth, those estrogen levels plummet, thus the hair falls out more rapidly.

There are things you can do about this to some extent, though. Blow dry and style your hair less often. The constant pulling on your hair with a brush or hot styling tools will break it off more easily. It is hard to find time to wash your hair as it is with a newborn, so just let it air dry. If you don’t already, use conditioner to keep that shine and moisture in your hair.

What about the linea nigra, also known as that ugly black line on your tummy? I sure thought that thing would be gone with my big belly. It is still hanging around, though, and could be for up to a year. Once again, those crazy hormones are to blame for your skin’s discoloration. As your body’s hormones level out, the line will fade. For some, unfortunately, it may never completely disappear. The only thing you can do to help with the linea nigra’s appearance is to be sure to wear sunscreen on your mid section. If not, it will get darker like a sun tan.

Yes, we seem to become science experiments when becoming Mommies, but they also forgot to tell you that your heart seems to grow when that sweet baby grasps your finger, snuggles your neck, and flashes you a toothless smile. Bring on the bad hair days. I think it’s a fair trade.

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