Dreams for Your Baby

“Let them praise his name with dancing!” Psalm 149:3

When the doctor told me that I was pregnant with a “princess,” the first thing I thought of was ballet. I have dreamed since I was young of having a little girl who would love dance as much as I do. It took only a couple of weeks after she was born to dress her in a tutu, and I remember dancing with her in the living room to classical music in order to keep the days from feeling so long. tutu 1.24

As precious as it is to see little girls in pink and bows, ballet is about much more to me. From a young age, my parents had instilled a love of dance into my heart. My dad was still trying to keep me “well-rounded” with softball, but after several games where I hit the batter in the head with the ball and sang show tunes in the outfield missing my “cue” to catch, even he admitted the arts were more my thing…

We moved around a lot when I was a child for my dad’s job. My mom made it a priority to find a dance studio for me in every new city. It was important to me, so it was important to her. I made friends, learned discipline, and gained confidence with years of study.

ali as bunny

Through performing, I was taken out of myself and suddenly free to move in an act of beauty- in an act of  worship- for “an audience of One.” I earned scholarships, won titles, and worked professionally as a dancer for years. So I was thrilled at the thought of my love of ballet to continue with my firstborn child.

sleeping beauty

 The reason this is on my heart is because my little girl had her first recital pictures today. Remember Benders? I used those crazy stick rollers to curl her hair. (Yes- I actually saved them for this very reason!). I helped her into her tutu and watched her face light up as she looked in the mirror and felt beautiful.

baby take a bow

My greatest prayer for my daughter is for her to know the Lord and serve Him in whatever way He calls her, (ballet or not). But today I felt God’s love in a very unique way. I realized a desire of my heart fulfilled by looking at my beautiful, healthy little girl in a pink tutu. I felt the pride that my mother must have felt so many years ago; and it made me want to dance in praise.

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